I once read a book about extra sensory perception. There was a segment in my younger life when I was too fixated at harnessing my sixth sense. It was after the Uri Geller era when the Israeli telekinetic wonder showed on TV his power to bend spoons without touching it.

My obsession, if you could call it as such, was simpler. I tried to influence a subject to do my bidding without actually verbally communicating with him. Unlike hypnosis, the subject is any stranger I chose at random.

Once, I performed my experiment while riding a bus: I sat behind my subject. I gave his nape my most intense stare. (It was claimed in the book that the concentrated look in addition to a subliminal message would actually influence him subconsciously to follow.)

I ordered him to turn his head right. A few seconds later, nothing happened.

I ordered him to turn his head left. Nothing.

I ordered him to turn about. Still nothing.

I cursed myself for not concentrating more. I repeated the ritual though this time I pretended to be like Merlin with a penetrating stare straight to the inner thoughts of my subject.

Then, a soft voice shattered my concentration. The charming old lady seated beside me was probably worried of my physical condition: I probably looked like in a state of shock. 🙂

“Are you all right? You look like you need something to eat.”

She offered me a small packet of biscuits.

Resigned that my experiment did not produce its reputed result, I accepted the biscuits and acted the part. 🙂

Well, she explained later that I looked like a deranged soul who probably had not eaten for days. She knew because she worked in a mental institution before.

Served me right for trying to perform tricks in public. 😀



15 thoughts on “Gaze

    1. Those days were the wackiest of my life. The ‘try anything’ period. I even went to the market in a woman’s clothes. But that is another story. (laughs)
      I am glad I brought you laughter. 🙂

  1. That is very funny. made me laugh. It is so typical for an old lady to think you need food. I tried repeatedly to leave my body and go to Paris or London and then return. I had to start small like leave my body upstairs and go downstairs and return. it was recommended that I put markers of some kind to and from my destination so I put thumb tacks in the walls. My mother asked why and I told her so I wouldn’t get lost when I left my body. She just rolled her eyes and walked away. Lucy

    1. Well, I had many out-body experiences during those times. Astral travel was a popular subject then. 🙂
      I am glad that I am not alone with this kind of stuff. 🙂

  2. Hilarious! I can kind of relate, I am always searching…for something. I think we are aware and awake of this something (even though we can’t bend spoons yet!) and that is more than most. Thanks for the chuckle!

  3. This made me smile! Nothing wrong in trying; though in the kindness of a stranger you still found something resembling a form of magic 🙂

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