A note to tourists.

If riding short-routed provincial bus is an ordeal, taking the long-hauler could be more appealing. Only exact number of passengers are accommodated with better amenities. Of course, the bumpy travel could not be avoided because of the corruption-riddled construction of road networks.

There are also scheduled stops especially in town centers along the route. Passengers take time off to relieve themselves, eat at smaller food stalls or simply stretch out in the open.

But then, beware. Once the bus nears the stopover, a multitude of ambulant vendors are not far behind. They literally run after the slowing bus to get the first shot at actively selling their wares. And you might not believe some of the items on sale because you usually see them sold somewhere more legit.

Care to eat exotic food or chilled refreshments? How about well-crafted imitation branded watches, shiny fancy gold and silver necklaces, cellular phone accessories or even pirated multiple-movies DVD discs? I was once offered a small planer machine, a portable drill and a genuine-looking caliber 45 automatic handgun. I nearly bought a grenade which in reality was a lighter. 🙂

Other passengers could not resist the cheap prices that even though they had inklings of possible scams they still pushed through with the transaction. The sales pitch has that siren call quality that resistance could be futile. Only the real hard bargainer could turn off the deal.

Anyway, if you do not succumb to those tricks, you’re lucky. You will be satisfied to reach your destination without the added baggage of thoughts that you’ve been duped to buy something you do not necessarily need.



One thought on “Persuasion

  1. Seriously, this is reality! And I thought it only happens here. oh well… one just has to learn the art of resisting temptations. 🙂 Great piece!

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