All my troubles seemed so far away,

Now it looks as though they’re here to stay,

Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Sometimes you need a simple song to remind you of the past. Well, if you are The Beatles, such plain lyrics becomes part of a legend.

I was not an emotional teenager in every sense of the word. Some even called me cold, a living stone when it came to showing my inner feelings. I had my moments of vulnerabilities but they were so rare that I could pose as a statue and no one would bother to give me a second look.

Control. That was what I practiced a lot. Controlling to subdue the weaknesses I was taught that were not qualities of a man.

Could not say I tried but there were times I knew I should shed a tear or two for lonely episodes. But repressed them I did. Not a touch masculine if I succumbed to a short cry.

Suffering a broken heart was the worst candidate for reminiscence. In a rather strange way, it was one of my favorite segments of my life. Why? The sad event taught me a very important lesson: Love is Pain.

Why she had to go?

I don’t know, she wouldn’t say,

I said something wrong,

Now I long for yesterday.

Mistakes could be costly. That’s another lesson to bear.



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