When I woke up this morning I was surprised I was normal. Okay, that does not sound right. 😀 I am as normal as anyone else as far as I am concerned. 🙂

You see, I had the weirdest dream in years. Oh! I am more creative when in comes to dreaming. If I can daydream as a musician, I could dream as a virtuoso.

Don’t laugh! I checked my body and it seems everything is present and they are still in the right places.

Before sleeping, I watched the movie Upside Down. You probably saw it so I won’t make a review. It is a love story, part fantasy, part sci-fi, part comedy. No Romeo-Juliet formula but it was entertaining.

Okay, in my dream I found myself without gravity. I floated without wings of course. No, I was not an angel but my face had no features. My body looked the same but my skin had that shiny metallic finish just like that Oscar statuette.

Anyway, I really had no problems in the dream world. I was having a wonderful journey until something in my brain warned me of something I had to do. Frankly, I was not prepared to deal with it.

I was frantic. I tried to find it but it was not where it was. I know it was attached to me like dear life but I kept looking all over my body.

I yelled to anyone for help. No one came. I wriggled violently like a worm trying to free itself from the hook.

Instantly, I woke up. I ran outside as quickly as possible to follow the dictates of my brain.

The moist ground was drenched. The grasses could have complained but they have to absorb the fluid whether they like it or not.

The last time I checked, it is still there. Trust me. 🙂

Thank God for being a genius not to have forgotten to put it in the design in the first place. 😀



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