If ever I could be given the chance to play an instrument, I would choose the guitar. Unfortunately, I have what many calls non-guitarist’s fingers. This disability removes the base guitar, the ukulele, the banjo and almost all with strings from the choices.

Playing the violin could be the exception to the rule. Sadly, I often suffer a stiff neck if I do not move my head regularly. It would be a disaster if I let the instrument fall during a recital. 😀

Much as I like to play the piano, dreaming to be a concert pianist on stage or the jazz pianist in a smoky bar, I do not possess the dexterous fingers. So, keyboard synthesizers are also out.

I would not try the wind instruments at all. I could not endure the blowing even if I produce passable output. Frankly, I do have the talent to blow my own horn. 🙂

Did I forget something?

Ah! Yes, the drums. Come to think of it, if the drummer of Def Leppard who has only one arm could be exceptionally adept at them, why can’t I? I do sound overly optimistic, eh? 😀

Well, I should stop this daydreaming. I think I’ll stay being a part of the audience. That would be more realistic than trying to be a musician who I am not fated to be.



11 thoughts on “Musicality

  1. I think you would make an excellent air guitarist or drummer. I think you would also make an excellent lipsyncher of opera as well. I think you could play anything you wanted to. One doesn’t have to be any good, one just has to be happy doing it.

    1. I like music a lot. That said, I am not fortunate to be an instrument player. I guess it was not my forte. But I tried writing lyrics when I was younger.
      Thank you for indulging me with my illusions. 🙂

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