Let it be

was am a Beatles’ fan.

To tell you the truth, back then I thought the Fab Four were Americans with a strange accent. 🙂 That’s what lack of information could do to a person: guessing or believing inaccurate data.

Getting attached to their popular songs was easy. Their appeal to the masses was exceptional to say the least.

Did you know that they have landed in our archipelago in the mid sixties but suffered a harrowing experience when they faced a hostile welcome and an injury-laden departure, due simply to a wrong impression that they snubbed our First Lady. She was the same woman who herself became a notorious personality later because of her collection of thousand of pairs of expensive shoes.

That visit could have been a phenomenal hit were it not for such a blunder in communication. Hosts and visitors were turned against one another because of failure to check true facts.

That unfortunate incident left a blot against our wholesome image abroad. We became known as the country who drove The Beatles out.

Today, international artists come and go in the country. Our world renowned hospitality never fail to leave marks in their minds of the warm people they leave behind.



9 thoughts on “Let it be

  1. I first heard a Beatles recording in the eighties in the Philippines! My parents had bought their first ever cassette playing walkman. We would all take turns borrowing it to listen to music. One of the tapes my parents bought were the Beatles AND they bought a Criss Cross cassette tape. I never knew the story about the Beatles visit to the Philippines!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the Beatles! My grandpa always tell me stories about where he was exactly when he first heard “Strawberry Fields Forever” (He was ironing) 😆

  3. I was in grade school (young), and The Beatles landed in Alaska, my afterschool sitter and her friend HAD to go see them, and my sister and I couldn’t be left alone so we got to go…..
    it is one experience I will never forget…my sister hated them, my babysitter and myself were forever changed, in Alaska it was a very good Welcome ….
    Thank you for the memory
    Take Care…You Matter…

    1. You are so LUCKY! I mean that! If I would be given the chance to go back in time, meeting them in person would be worth the trip. 🙂
      All I got now are songs to remember them by as a group. This particular song is my favorite. I know it brings sadness to me but that does not diminish its simple but precious message.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We share this one.

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