I wrote, “What is creativity if it is a straight line?” as a comment to a post Never Post When You’re Overtired, Ahem by Jo Robinson. She gave almost all the reasons to be as you are and not as what you should be.

At the time, I was probably giving her an excuse for most of the reasons I feel guilty about concerning my own writing. And I do have countless of them, errors. 🙂

I commit grammatical faults, not only because I am not an English native but also I was not educated as an English major. My brand of English is an assorted combination of school-based, self-learned, heard from movies and songs, and read from everywhere. Sometimes, I also re-invent meanings for what a particular word should be as I understand it.

What is creativity if it is a straight line?

I see the straight line as the rule of anything: in language it is grammar, in art it is a portrait and in music it is classical. That’s how I feel about the restrictions to creativity.

I am not a linguistic rebel or a proponent of literary chaos. All I need is a little freedom to express myself more creatively. It is a small leeway I ask from the strict norms of grammatical rigidity.

Can I be excused now?



20 thoughts on “Jargon

  1. Your writing flows straight and wonderfully – the grammar police should edit a lot of their stringent rules about what makes good reading I think. Ernest Hemingway would never have made it out of the gates with some of these guys. I love reading all that you put out here – never change.

  2. The wonderful thing about writing a blog is that it’s a place all your own. The only rules and limits are the ones you decide. Follow your creativity anywhere you want it to take you. Be sure to enjoy the journey!

  3. Creativity is about breaking rules when you have found the style you’re comfortable with don’t let it go for a comma an apostrophe or the grammar police.

    If teachers could do anything they’d have done it.

  4. We write as we talk. Perhaps it’s not eloquent and always grammatically correct, maybe the word isn’t spelled correctly, but it’s MY language and if you can understand it or feel it, then that’s all that matters. I love your writing just the way it is!

  5. I’ve read stuff with perfect grammar, and no heart….no vision shared, no touching. The important aspect of language is its ability to touch another person…that’s all that matters.

    Also, some people can speak the same language and never communicate, never really express themselves to one another. Other people, who speak differing languages and not the same language, can speak volumes through the intention and bearing of the eyes and body. I’ve communicated with many folks who didn’t speak a word I understood or vice versa, but a knowing and communication happens.

    I feel, those who pick apart grammar are overlooking something immensely important…that the point of communication is shared expression. If people understand one another, then the writing has succeeded!

    Your work has very few grammatical errors anyway, and it is, as someone said above, very fluid. As a reader of your blog, I feel that I can learn a bit of you from far away, and you sometimes stimulate certain thoughts, ideas or memories in my own person…….how could your writing be any more perfect???!!!

    I read what you write because there is a lot of truth, beauty, experience, wit, and heart in your writing. THOSE things, cannot be learned in any language rule book!!!! Perfect grammar with nothing to convey but shallow treading, is not priceless, it is useless!

    You RULE belsbror!!!! 🙂

    1. If I could capture a star in my hand, I will gladly give it to you! It will shine, sparkle and compliment your bright mind.
      How could I equal the genuineness of your heart,
      Precious gold is no match to your generosity.
      I am honored, nay, humbled by words from your mouth,
      Sincerity flows from within, simplicity conveyed truly.
      Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. I am at a loss for words other than I am truly grateful.

  6. Your writing is wonderful: lovely and expressive and speaks to the heart. Essay writing or research writing is completely different than creative writing. Knowing the foundation of grammar in creative writing allows you to write outside the box, to pick and choose when and how you want to apply those rules – or not. I agree with serendipityherbals; it’s all about communication, which is an art, not a science. You are artistic in that endeavor. 😉

    1. Thank you for the affirmation. I need it. 🙂
      I always feel I have to be grammatically correct before I post anything. The guilty feeling of falling short of that goal often provoke hesitation later. It’s like a form of writer’s block.
      I will write what’s on my mind. That’s a promise.

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