Day Off

Oh! Sweet Pain!

As I surveyed the result of yesterday’s intensive clearing, I believe I’ve accomplished what could have been a week’s slow and protracted chore in one day. I think I deserve a long episode of rest and relaxation today.

How time flies!

It was like yesterday that we were greeting one another a Happy New Year but then here we are in the middle of May. I am not sure if time speeds up nowadays or our lives whizzes through a time warp.

In the eighties, before the technological advances rearranged the future, we kept to ourselves domestically. If ever there were global events that necessitated our attention, we were slow to react until weeks later.

Today, as I read blogs, I could not imagine myself going back to the past when information came in trickles especially in a Third World country. Like a sponge, I want to absorb as much data as humanly possible. Of course, I mean relevant data.

I am not really a choosy reader. Whatever comes, I check out and decide its importance later. I often look for connections in different places. (Nope, not those places you might think.) I believe some issues are intertwined even though they appear far away from one another.

Like to have an example? Check these words: dollar, climate change, fossil fuel, mining, unemployment, debt, poverty, war, terrorism, religion, deforestation, civil rights, democracy, socialism, world economy. The words on the list could go on and on.

What is the common denominator?

My answer: agenda

If ever we could unify ourselves with one common agenda, what could it be?



10 thoughts on “Day Off

  1. Of course my agenda to eliminate child abuse but if poverty was reduced (eliminated is a Utopia I have long lost hope) it can reduce domestic and child violence. I know I should work on the environment first…but may there’s a way we can work that in together…(still hoping, dreaming) Rest, my friend…you deserve it. Oliana xx

  2. You´re right that we live in an information world, with all the access to internet we have a lot of information coming in, but you also have to be aware about desinformation. Which is there is quite a lot now that we have this social media-internet. So it goes both ways like everything.

    “If” whe can unify ourselves with a common agenda, that is a big IF, not going to happen, tell the Mullas in Iran, or the Muslim terrorist to unify. Don´t think is going to go to well.

    But if I where living in the Utopia, I would say world peace. That´s a starter. To then work on other issues.

    1. Utopia is far from my mind. I am realistic enough to hope for lesser than that. 🙂
      You are correct. There are also misinformation. So we have to check the sources first before believing the information.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  3. Who’s wish for what the world should want and focus on be chosen? That’s the dilemma from where I sit. I can give you my own opinion, my own wishes of the way the world should be…but likely, they will not take into account different circumstances and the perceptions that grow around differing circumstances. I prefer the world to unify over love….but what happens when something abusive is happening and people need to stop loving and stand up against injustice (which is another form or love)….rather, there is no one definition of love, and so, that is where this exercise falls apart for myself. My own agenda, quite frankly, is that this world, this creation is a marvelous, stunning place if we would allow ourselves to open up to it….God is everywhere, even in the smallest drop of water. We would appreciate and love in this way, which would bring great respect of peoples to ALL kin, not just human beings. BUT, that in mind, there are so many people, so many circumstances, often so many abuses of this world, people and animals that shape many conflicts….I feel a great purpose in my own life, but many agendas clash. And in that clash, is sometimes, a great brush stroke of the Creator. Earthquakes are devastating and carve new lands. Love opens possibilities and closes possibilities. To have one agenda in the world, globally, would to reduce all diversity….and knowing from working with soil and plants, diversity is needed. However, it is always my prayer that undo suffering be relieved. My rambling thoughts….:)

    1. Complications do make our lives difficult. Even if we want only the good, there will always be obstacles along the way.
      I just wish we could find ways to remedy problems in a peaceful fashion.

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