Bird Talk

There’s another voice inside my head urging me to re-activate my interest in Twitter. The Whisper is against it for the sole reason the little monsters I caged long ago could be released to provoke my political side. That could bring imbalance to my pacified state.

In some way my absence is not really felt by the system. I have barely fifteen followers who probably did not miss me. 🙂

However, if I decide to re-join the fray, I would be putting myself on harm’s way. There is an existing Cybercrime Law locally.

In the guise of protecting the rights of the people, it also has sweeping powers to prosecute who it deems liable for libel. In a matter of speaking, it is a legislated law to gag peoples’ mouths from venting critical claims against wrong governance and/or specific notorious individuals, corrupt mostly, who populate high places in government and in society as a whole.

A fair and working justice system could be a foil to abuses but unfortunately, if history is to be the judge, only the small people received the brunt of miscarriages of justice. That is the saddest reality.

I could continue watering down my comments, anemic of worded fire, harmless to a flea (a sucker) or just play along as if nothing is wrong.

Or, even drastically, I could erase all posts and start anew, pretending that all is rosy on the domestic front, blind to the despicable acts of thievery of the treasury, immune to the daily doses of bad news that are mostly about the cancers in the country.

I am not sure if I could withstand the torture, being lame and aloof. Sooner or later, those little monsters would prick my ire and goad me into writing blends of wit and sarcasm.

That is what I am trying to avoid.

I would say, “Pass for now.”



4 thoughts on “Bird Talk

  1. If you are it´s a battle you can´t win, in your case I would agree with you and say “Pass for now”.
    Since it´s just twitter, I wouldn´t be going in a crusade, not worth it . Unless though, it hits you very very deep and if it does, then it is worth to the fight, even though the odds of you winning can be slim.

    Where where you from anyways?

    1. The Pearl of the Orient, the one and only The Philippines. If you’re familiar with our history, you will join the crusade, too. 🙂
      I guess you are right! I pass. I am happy with WordPress.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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