Personal Alert!

There are three important parts of the body that are functioning properly right now namely: brain, eyes and the right hand specifically the forefinger. Others resist from taking part in a prolonged conscious activity.

I am so tired physically from today’s field work that I wanted to rest after supper. But then, my brain would not permit me: it wants to have informative refill.

Both my arms feel like logs, heavy and uncooperative. My left hand slept minutes ago while the right is on the verge of following.

I can barely move the mouse. My right forefinger is probably doing its motions from memory. All I can do now is click. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Fortunately, I prepared a fresh static front page during lunch. If you want to read and have a short laugh, you can check the post below.

Free View

So, I am off to reading blogs. However, I could not reply to your comments yet. Hope you understand.

Happy blogging guys and gals!



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