You are not a wild creation:

A theory needing hypotheses,

Often a temporary solution, 

Fragile compromise, status quo.


You are championed by everyone:

The majority recites your name,

Their voices reverberate of hope,

Ensuring your continued existence.


Even evil thoughts claim your badge,

To perpetuate their machinations,

To blind the followers of law and order,

To give credence to their vicious end.


We clamor for your intercession,

The level-headed calls for reason,

Permanence is what we need now,

Not your fleeting visits to stop wars.

If only,

You can reign in our world,

Forever printed in our minds,

Always beating in our hearts,

To preserve our cherished humanity.



5 thoughts on “Elusive

  1. This poem is so very beautiful, reading it touches me on so many levels and the pictures it creates and the feelings it stirs, wow!!! Love, love, love this!! Inspiring thank you 🙂

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