If it’s only every second Sunday of May we celebrate Mother’s Day, then we are definitely short-changing the first and most important person in our lives. (Our fathers get equal first place standing.)

Motherhood is a vocation. We sometimes take for granted our mother’s role in our existence.

From conception, the role of a mother begins. Taking care of the unborn child while he/she is inside her womb is a difficult task to say the least. The sacrifices she has to bear take its toll on her whole being. She has to endure the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of child-bearing.

If nine months of careful activities are not enough, the day she gives birth puts her life in danger. Almost anything can go wrong from the labor pains to the actual delivery. The risks of complications could claim her life just to usher a new life into this world. Isn’t that more selfless than anything else?

We, as the fortunate ones who are born, we should thank God for having mothers. Whatever shortcomings they have during our lifetimes or if ever they have faults we believed they committed against us, there’s no negating their heroic role.

Absolutely, she is a heroine. No less. Let’s give her anything that she deserves but mostly our gratitude and love.

It’s Mother’s Day. Today. Tomorrow. And all the days that follow.



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