A few hours from now, we will celebrate Mother’s Day. To all Moms out there, I thank you for delivering us into this world.

Speaking of mother, I would like to quote a well-known saying:

Necessity is the mother of all inventions.

I kept wondering why the words peace, war, civilization, humanity, history and aliens circle my mind at the moment. Is there a connection somewhere?

We need peace in the world. That is a major necessity for all of us. What then did we invent to promote it?

We don’t need war. I am sure everyone in their right minds would agree that it is self-defeating to wage it, win or lose. But we invented all weapons: self-defense is the most major reason to validate their purpose.

Civilizations prospered when there was peace and fell when they succumbed to war. Humanity seemed not learning its lesson through history. We continue to move toward self-destruction.

Where do aliens come into consideration?

I think the answer to this is obvious: we do not need to look far outside our world, in the vastness of space, in the parallel universe through black holes or anywhere else undefinable. We are the aliens of this peaceful world. Before we arrived into existence, this could have been a paradise. Now, we are creating the hell we envisioned.

Can we invent something to delete negative elements in our brains to make us more receptive to positive creations rather than the destructive ones?

I have faith in us, humans, that we will all be mothers to better ideas to make this home of ours not a paradise like before but habitable for all of us to share in harmony.



17 thoughts on “Possible

  1. This invention you speak of is already inside us: our hearts. We simply need to take down the barriers around them and offer them up to our neighbors. Wonderful post. ❤

      1. “…if we all pull together as a team…” – Pink Floyd

  2. Amen to that! I think the problem is that each one of us has to realize that united, we would make a HUGE difference. We just have to act on our intentions, values, beliefs and conscience.

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