A Whisper says:

Simplicity could hide versatility.

Look closer for hidden talents.


16 thoughts on “Modest

    1. It’s called bilimbi. We have a tree in the backyard. For more info, you can Google it. It is ready to eat raw, used for souring in cooking and sometimes for herbal medications.

      1. It is closer to carambola which we have also in the backyard. Apples does not grow locally. But we have guapple, which is a guava the size of an apple and apple mango because it is red when ripe.

      2. We barely get guavas at Mexican food stores…. Such is the world. What you find common here it’s rare… Likewise apples aren’t there.. Never been an apple fan…

      3. Almost everything that grows here, even some weeds, provide herbal relief. Some of them have been mass produced by commercial drug companies.

      4. Here in the US we have forgotten those remedies to pills!!! The tv ads are terrible.. Stop using if you experience stroke, your arm falls off…

  1. I ‘try’ to eat healthy and always have organic bananas in a weaved basket sitting on my kitchen table. The other day my little grand-daughter grabbed ‘two.’ She peeled one at a time, holding each in a hand, devouring them with a smashed smile on her face! 🙂

    1. That’s great! 🙂
      Fruits are abundant here during summer. Sometimes they just rot on the ground because of oversupply. A pity really.

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