I’m currently fighting the urge to doze off. 🙂

The slow internet connection at my end is not helping one bit to prevent drowsiness. If you ever watch that roulette image spinning denoting loading, for more than a few minutes, you might get hypnotically forced to close your eyes that could eventually lead to a longer pause. I’m sure such a condition could easily send you to the dream world.

I went outside a minute ago to do some stretching. The cold night sent me back inside. Again, near the place of sleep. 🙂

I drank coffee which they claimed would preserve wakefulness. Unfortunately, it has an opposite effect on me. I want to lie down and you guess right, get some zzzzzz!

I even did the unthinkable. I slapped my cheeks several times. 🙂 Yes, it was painful. Nope. It did not work. 😦

What should I do? I want to stay online for a couple more hours. Yet, I am having a difficult time finishing this post. Even my fingers want to keep still.

I guess I have to sign off sooner than later. (yawning)

Keep blogging guys and gals!



20 thoughts on “Sleepy

    1. I think in the circumstance I’d take the net’s sluggishness and my sleepiness as a cue to go to bed. Sometimes it’s better to do that even if it’s a ridiculous hour.

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