Had a quite an adventurous episode today! 🙂

Imagine I had the opportunity to visit my former abode by the river. It had been almost six years since I set foot to the place where the first four years of my stay were spent without electricity and far away from known civilization.

It had not changed much except there is electricity now. However, the allure of simple living is still comparable to a mermaid’s call: enchanting.

A friend of mine needed wood for his summer house so he hired a chainsaw operator to cut and slice two barrel-sized -trees on his property which is adjacent to mine.

I was reluctant at first to come along because of my field work but he was insistent that I visit my lot, too. He even promised that his wife would prepare one of my favorite meals: smoked and grilled fish dipped in chili-calamansi-soy sauce. He knew my weakness that I was unable to resist. 🙂

It was a dusty journey as the locally-made tricycle we rode traversed the flattened gravel and sand feeder road which was too dry in the summer heat. Thanks to the constant northeastern breeze, the weather was more bearable.

When we reached our destination, nostalgia was overpowering. I could figuratively see events of the past playing with my sight. Various people, the dead and the living, seemed to repeat their roles in my remembrance. I was overwhelmed with grief and joy and every feelings in between.

“It’s been too long,” I murmured. “I am sorry.”

My friend’s family knew what I have been experiencing at that moment so they immediately pulled me out from my sad state.

“Hey!” my friend shouted. “You’re supposed to clean the fish and cook!”

I thought I did not understand him correctly.

“Me? Cook!”

“Who else?” my friend replied, pointing to his family running to the river banks. “Do you think they will get out of the water now?”

“You planned this?” I asked laughing. “You’re good!”

“Hey! You’ll thank me for bringing you here.”

His meaningful smile conveyed a notion I could not explain at first. I knew he was up to something.

As the day wore on, being present in a place filled with memories, I began to realize my friend was right. I was grateful he brought me back. Much of the pain had receded. Only pleasant thoughts provided hope.

“I’ll come back often, I promise.”

Before we left, I could see the surrounding seemingly alive in splendor. A lost character who once shared their existence was finally awakened to continue what he left years before.

He’s back!

I am back!



6 thoughts on “Recover

  1. What a fabulous story!!! And the detail, I could almost ‘see’ what the place looked like! Thank you for sharing! And thank you for ‘being back’ 😀

    1. I had a revelation. Eyes become clouded with our emotions at any certain time. This day made it clearer.
      “Being back” is the recovery to witness what I tried to shut off from my life. I made it through.
      I am glad you liked it. 🙂

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