You ask:

Are those tears?

Trace of helplessness

or weakness?

You say:

Wipe it dry!

Present a mask!

No fear!

You order:

Hold it back!

Fight the urge!

Think twice!

I exclaim:

Damn society!

Damn false courage!

I will cry!



17 thoughts on “Caught

      1. True, my son had to learn to hold back his tears in school but he went to English school. My mother’s family are French Quebecois and I saw my uncles cry often growing up…tears of joy, sadness and remorse. And they were amateur football players and hockey players..

      2. I have really no idea when the ‘tradition’ of ‘men should not cry’ started. Is it connected to the battle of the sexes? Or, is it something dictated by society long ago?
        I would like to add, all humans should be allowed to cry whenever they feel like it or when the need arises.

  1. Crying is such a wonderful, blessed event in my opinion. I cry often…I’m one of those people that if something is very joyful, I cry. I believe crying is very spiritual.

    I believe it is very good that you cry, that you live openly. Tears allow life to touch us, to feel life, then to let it go on in its own stream, lightening us! 🙂

    Beautiful sharing belsbror!

    1. Crying is a personal experience. I like to do so once in a while. Watch a tearjerker and sure tears will fall. 🙂
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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