When you are watching a film while in the company of strangers, what would you do when you hear someone wrongly interpreting the content or even mentioning incorrect information to embellish some facts? Due perhaps to personal inadequacies in linguistic acumen, the interpreter rattles off information which you knew were far from the truth.

I experienced an episode in the past where I was in the position to listen to inaccurate interpretation told to rural children by a comical uncle. I wanted then to correct him but I felt I was not too yet intimate with the family to boss around with my knowledge.

My polite side got the better of me so I kept mum. Frankly, I withstood the agony of listening to his ‘authoritative’ explanation which the children believed to be accurate.

The martial arts movie was a bit simple to understand even if watched without subtitles. Children loved the action sequences more than actually trying to understand the whole story. A big plus for a doting uncle to his nephews and nieces.

Here’s an except of their exchanges. 😀

“That’s Bruce Lee,” he stated as a matter of fact. “He is from Tokyo. Do you know where it is?”

The children shook their heads while engrossed with the fight scenes.

“That’s the capital of Korea!” the uncle exclaimed proudly.

Duh! I nearly fell from the chair where I sat. I did hope he was being funny. 🙂

Don’t get the wrong notion though. He is an experienced farmer, an expert in his field. Unfortunately, he was probably too eager to impress his audience with his side remarks.

was an expert experienced farmer. Unfortunately, he was probably eager to impress his audience with his side remarks.

“Uncle, where is he now?” one of the nephews asked, when the film reached a conversation part.

“He’s dead,” he replied accurately.

“Why? How?” The chorus of bewilderment and sadness overwhelmed him.

“It’s a long story.” he fumbled, safely skirting the issue. “But he had a son who is also great with Karate.”

“Who?” everyone inquired. Their hopes recovered.

“Jacky Chan.”

I could not help but grin. I did not know how long before I could keep my rumblings to myself. I never wished to give him a chop on the neck but the thought crossed my mind. 😀

“Why do they have different surnames, he and his son?” inquired a smart niece.

A very good question. That would get him!

I held to my breath and waited how he could escape the trap.

“When Bruce Lee died, his wife remarried. Jacky used his stepfather’s surname.”

He was smooth, I had to admit. 😀

I could sense the children had no recourse but to accept the ‘truth.’ Anyway, in my mind, I believe they will discover the facts themselves sooner or later. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Interpreter

      1. My brother-in-law is a pain. He will make stuff up just to make himself look important or smart. he was over the other night and my husband and I were watching jeopardy. The answer was: this university is known as the Princeton of the South. Idiot blurts out Vanderbilt! I told him no, it was Duke university. he starts to argue and the contestant says, What is Duke? Idiot then goes on to say they are wrong, that it is Vanderbilt because the Vanderbilts founded Princeton. Having gotten my BS at Vanderbilt and MS from Duke, not to mention growing up 3 blocks from Duke, I said…nooooooo. He then spewed out all these “facts” about Princeton, Vanderbilt, and Duke. I left the room because he is such an idiot. Usually when he does that around other people, I stay quiet and let him hang himself. I’ll gladly mail him to you if you like, LOLOLOLOL.

      2. Hahaha! That’s a funny anecdote. I could imagine the scene as I read what you related. Like a Simpsons episode. 🙂
        No mailing, please. We have similar characters here. (laughs)

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