When someone ask you for directions, do you always point to the correct way? Or, do you feel tempted to say you do not know instead?

I remember one time, a month after I arrived from the Middle East, I found myself wiling away my time in the summer capital of the country. The cool climate was conducive to my rest and recreation. Two years in the sweltering heat and probably more in the power-outage-stricken capital city, I had to escape for a breather.

I was not a stranger to being a stranger. I am a Filipino so it is in my blood to move to a foreign place and adapt to the lifestyle of the locals. You can say we could be called human chameleons.

For starters, I was lost. It was okay because it was my first day. I even checked in in a motel the night before, thinking it was a cheap tourist hotel. To my surprise (really), terrestrial sounds of what I thought coming from an X-rated film filled the midnight air. Only the next morning did I discover, the place was frequented by lovers, legal and the other kinds. 🙂

With my carry-on bag, I walked past several individuals. I was choosing which character to trust for asking directions. I knew too well that some people relished the pleasure to lead a stranger astray. Call it a pastime. 🙂

I asked a young woman where to rent a boarding house. She was more than willing to assist me that she offered to escort me herself. I was thrilled to get laid (not that you’re probably thinking) on a bed so I could plan my activities for the rest of my stay.

When she pointed to the establishment, I was of two minds. It was a two-storey building but on the ground floor was a sauna bath parlor. I could see the female workers smiling from ear to ear.

I thanked the young woman before walking faster to another direction. When I said recreation, it was very different from what they offered. 🙂

Anyway, before the day ended, a student led me to his boarding house, where I was satisfactorily housed. Living with young minds for a while could be beneficial to being younger mentally. That to me could be part of genuine rest and recreation.



7 thoughts on “Astray

  1. I find when someone asks me for directions I tend to instantly forget where I am, what my name is and how to put a sentence together coherently! I guess it’s some kind of panic reaction to having your knowledge put on the spot!

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