l borrowed the voice of my idol,

And sing you his song,

I robbed a friend’s free time,

To pluck the music on his guitar.

Open your window and see,

How my face displays longing,

How my body interprets language,

How I wish you feel the truth.

Hear me out for a while,

Discern honesty in my words,

Excite your heart, feed your mind,

Satiate your hunger for love.

Invite me to your life,

Strangers we are now,

Friends after a time,

Lovers in the days ahead.



9 thoughts on “Serenade

    1. I am about to sleep when I read what you posted. I was very surprised when I saw my name on your list. 🙂
      Like I wrote in my comment, I deeply appreciate your kindness. You are too kind. 🙂
      Have wonderful weekend!

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