“I like it hot!”

This was the same opening dialogue I got from my first girl decades ago. 😀

Barely over the age of fifteen, I was automatically all ears as to what she really had in mind. The sensual expression alone sent mixed signals to my brain. To equate the phrase to sex was understandable at that age of adolescence.

I commanded myself, “hold that thought. Never presume and then assume the following events.” I even tried to banish the thought to keep myself in control.

“Close your eyes. Imagine your tongue.”

What! I imagined herself having a great time leading me on.

Naturally, I got excited. (Or, more like absolutely excited.)

“Nope! No peeking!” she admonished with bated breath.

I did not know what to do. My hormones were getting wild.

“Now! Open them!”

Before I could jump (not at her) with joy, I saw the table in front of me. Call me a what you would but I expected something out of the ordinary.

“Surprise!” she smiled angelically.

Oh, yes, I was surprised all right. Not the ‘real’ surprise I wanted though.

“So good!” I exclaimed, after a test taste. “I want it.”

(Thank God. I did not fumble my pronouns.)

“Want some more?” she asked while watching my face.

“Yes! Give it to me!”

Later, while I was on the sofa caressing my belly, I almost forgot what was the fuss all about. The chili-flavored meat sauce on top of freshly-cooked pasta erased all the mental gymnastics in my brain.

But it was quite clear: like her, I like it hot! 😀


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