Before, I was not very enthusiastic when power outage and slow broadband connection combined to disrupt my internet use. You could say I was often furious.

Lately, I have come to accept the reality that progress and development do not ensure that my satisfaction will be achieved. Or, it will ever be.

Why my sudden turnaround? Mine is just a trivial concern compared to global problems.

News of ongoing wars keep me wondering if we will see the day when this home planet of ours is finally at ease. We quarrel about land, influence, commerce and almost everything we humans believe as important to stay ahead. We never learn from previous mistakes. We continue our errant ways.

Say, we achieve all we crave for. Then, what? Happy now?

However, have we asked ourselves why we cannot stay united for the common good of mankind? Instead, we seem to indulge the opposite. We create reasons to make war not peace. Sometimes, I feel, we silently gloat at the misfortunes of others.

I have many faults as a human being. I will also admit that I am scared of the day we will destroy our home because of our unnatural malice.

But, I pray that I will be proven wrong. That, the good in us will finally prevail in the end.



26 thoughts on “Unnatural

  1. There is much evil in the world, but also a lot of good things. Medias today make everything that happens around the globe very real, and brings it into our living rooms like never before. But the truth remains that there have always been struggles, wars and genocide. And there will propably always be strife as long as humans exist.

    But a lot of beauty can come from struggles as well. Sometimes we develop in ways we never thought possible. The lessons we learn are precious, and the hardship we went through to be where we are today should not be forgotten. There will always be strife, but we will always learn from it.

    1. Of course, you’re right. History always repeat itself.
      But why not just good history. Why repeat the mistakes all over again? We learn so we should know what not to do the next time.
      Just thinking.

  2. To gloat at the misfortunes of others is such a horrible thing to do. I believe that the good in us will prevail in the end because I do not want to believe in the alternative.

  3. I am a bit more pessimistic or realistic…not sure; I feel we are so far away from that we breed apathy due to the distance. We tune out the news because…we can. It’s easy to feel powerless; governments do NOT do what WE want. We are just ordinary folks…it’s discouraging. How many petitions do I sign in a week…I stopped counting; I just wrote a post if I had 5 mins left to live and if there’s a chance to come, I don’t think I want to with the wars and global warming, it’s not an encouraging place to return to. Sorry for being so negative.

    1. There always a chance that we might wake up before it is too late. I know we cannot solve many of our global problems immediately but I think that in time, people in government will do the right thing and listen to the people.
      I was also called that. negative, whenever I tell someone of dire consequences. I am a realist and I say what I have observed.

      1. Good, we need to hear and be aware. We need to sensitize the world. I have been recycling for 30+ years and when I see 20 something or older youths NOT, it drives me bonkers. Their answer is often, “it’s your generation that ruined the earth.” Okay, but we’re trying so why can’t we all try together? Sheesh! Namaste, I have been so busy lately, but I always feel a calming effect reading your posts…this one was a bit different…lol but beautifully written.

      2. Optimism is within us even if we feel the world is not going to make it. Perhaps, it is a built-in mode in us so we will never surrender against the worst things that could confront us in life.
        Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts. 🙂

  4. There’s a song and all I can remember is this “it’s the end of the world as we know it”, despite what we seem to do the world is still here, history shows us that. In many ways I don’t like what I see, that part is what man does to it. Then when I see the natural world and I’m in wonder. But it can be cruel! We have 2 choices, “conquer it or it will conquer us”. The part I’m always stumped by is the greed that drives men. When we destroy what’s been given to us. Like there’s not enough room for everyone or I want what you have so there for I’m going to start a war in the name of this or that which is nothing more then a thin veil, separating truth from fiction. Truth is the planet isn’t going anywhere, but maybe we are if we don’t figure it out.

    1. Enlightened thoughts you have. 🙂
      You’re quite correct. The planet is here to stay. The problem begins and ends with us. If we want Nature to be good with us, we should also return the favor by protecting it.
      Alas, we seem never to learn from our mistakes. Nature will have its revenge, right now. Calamities become more frequent and more destructive. We have only ourselves to blame.

  5. Now in my fifties, I remember listening to conversations about global warming and the damage mankind is inflicting on future generations, on the whole no one of influence listened. A few of us did and we changed our lifestyles but not enough. I agree with you all we will never learn.

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