They say that committing a petty crime is not only foolish but unsound. Risking losing your freedom should be regarded a high gamble. Why steal a purse when you can rob a bank instead?

Corruption is somewhat analogous to such crooked thinking.

When the reaches of the corrupt hand lead to higher places in government, the culprit will find himself coddled like a child, protected from harsh language of the deprived and hoodwinked, shielded from persecution and in some instances, from prosecution. He fades away from sight, sent away abroad and live a life in luxury.

But sometimes, in a quirk sense of irony, the culprit does not lay low even when bombarded with all the negative press. He will even have the gall to claim innocence even though stacks and loads of evidence are shown in the media for all the world to see. How is that? Why?

The protectors in the background probably scratch their heads in anger. Some of them may even commit to preparing a permanent solution against a potential whistle-blower. Others will be saner to refrain from violence and increasing the risk of an overblown investigation. Some may reason with a hope that the people will forget the issue altogether once another spectacle comes into play.

We, the people, are used to this slap-on-the-wrist attitude against corrupt personalities.They receive the outraged rebuke at first because of our initial outcries. In the long run, they waltz their way out of trouble.They may even win elections in the future.

No one has ever rot in jail for stealing from the national treasury. Small fries may but big sharks swim out freely.



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