A Whisper says:

We eat. We sleep. We wake up.

What luxuries humans need more?

My keen observation of the lives of people in our locality suggested to me to ask around for some insights  about contentment and simple living. Personally, I believe that I am living a simple life.

But what about them? Families, who inherited the land from their forefathers, inch slowly to what we call progress. Yes, they have the basic necessities, having their children in school  and entertain themselves with some of the modern amenities of life. That’s about it.

They will dream. If their dream does not come true as they wish them to be, one of two things follows: they become resigned to their fate or they resort to more questionable means.

When things they cannot afford, because of poverty or any other circumstances, become an obsession they tend to look for ways to get their desires.  They can be tempted to thread the criminal route.

Is it worth the gamble to acquire the luxuries we crave through the corruption of our goodness as a human being? Can we live a happy life when the origins of our affluent lifestyles come from illegal sources?



12 thoughts on “Temptation

  1. Our Earth can only support so much “progress”. A lot of progress means depletion of natural sources of food, factory contaminated water, old ways being lost leading to dependency. Without a compassionate culture, all progress is divorced from the heart, thus, the outer effects will be seen in our world.

    Things are cool, but things are only things. Things made in factories that pollute the environment and employ child labor, long working hours, low wages and no breaks, are things that are also acquired through corruption.

    And cycles of corruption keep people locked in cycles of corruption, and only truth can set one free of that! I would rather own a single cup and have lots of love and compassion then all the things of the world, with the devastation.

    Progress in outer society can only be true progress when it walks hand in hand with the heart!

  2. Not worth it at all. Interestingly the post I wrote He was not a Child, that young man shared that he had done illegal things when younger. He had more money then but he was not content and always lived in fear.

    1. I agree. 🙂
      It’s the consequences he had to bear.
      I guess we have to make our choices of what is really important in our lives. Money can buy us things but not happiness.

      1. 30 years ago I made a majour career change for half the salary and never EVER struggle to get to work as before I hated it; by the weekend I was grumpy and weepy. I used to worry about my old age (very close) but the beauty of my career is age is experience and it`s a plus.Can`t beat that.

      2. Yeah, that’s right. On my part, I do not miss living in the city. The Net will always show me around. 🙂
        Have a wonderful day. 🙂

  3. Not worth it. In March, I “retired”. I am going back to school in May. After three years of extreme stress and hell, I just couldn’t take my job anymore. I’d worked for 25 years in my profession and every year, it seemed to get more complicated and stressful. I am re-creating myself to a simpler profession and life I’ve been getting rid of things I have’t used in years, going to e-books and getting rid of paper books and clutter, taking more time to breathe. A few weeks ago, I was having coffee, sitting on my back steps and reading my devotions. I realized, for the first time in several years, I was without stress and was at peace. It was an amazing feeling.

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