To each his own, so does the saying goes. We choose what’s best for us.

For a day of online surfing, there are some social media services that can make you busy. The entertainment factor alone can figuratively glue you on your seats for hours.

But, the revelation of spying and illegal acquisition of data from personal accounts by spooky government agencies placed a dark cloud over our heads, making us vulnerable to different scenarios which are mostly negative, The breach should not be taken lightly. Truth can be twisted against anyone who is deemed vocal against any government institutions. Later, if we remain quiet against this invasion to our privacy, free expression will be a hostage to fear.

Facebook offers a valuable service to the global community. Other popular social media networks do, too. But when our private data are shared to whoever without our blessing, then there is no justification for failure to uphold the promise these networks committed to in the first place.

We need the exposure for whatever reason we think as best for us. We set personal limitations as we see fit. We do not reveal certain facts about ourselves because we have our reasons. The recent controversies proved that withholding information has its merits.

Our privacy is continuously under threat. The news that Google’s subscribers would have their email scanned for purposes that would be beyond their control is another creepy invasion to personal lives. Perhaps, it’s time to jump ship while no harm has been made.

We should always be vigilant. We should never lose our guard.



3 thoughts on “Beware

  1. Hey. I saw that I had over a 100 posts to catch up with (serves me right for disappearing for 1 month). Thought I’d let you know that the like barrage is cause I’m catching up with as much as I can. Hope you are well. As always, love your way with words!

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