What a game!

When did I become a sports fan? 😀

This question was actually connected to becoming attracted to the opposite sex. How? Read on.

I was not entirely what you call a ‘player’ in the real sense of the word. I was often a required participant especially during ball games in school. (I could not get a grade and pass if I skipped the classes altogether.)

Then one day, during the annual intramural, I was unusually presented the chance to shine. Like a bright shooting star, I blitzed my way into popularity and thrown into the limelight.

Early that morning I had already forced myself to think of a way to get the attention of our muse, an older girl from a different school. (Ours was an all-boys institution.) She was a bright and friendly lass who smiled a lot.

Basketball is a game of discipline and precision. Sadly, I was not too keen to follow both that I was always left out to stay in the sidelines. That day, as luck would have it, I possessed both when I needed them most.

With the first shots I made, the coach was ready to risk all to give me all the time in the court: a star player was having a bad day and fumbling his efforts. I was egged on to give my team the winning chance.

Every shot that went in, I glanced at her direction. She was an energetic spectator. I could see her enthusiasm brimming over her face. She knew how to enthrall a person to play even better.

Then, it happened.

The shooting star became a falling star in an instant. The meteoric rise to fame was abruptly halted by a suspected malice from the opposing team: Their motto was probably: win at all costs.

I fell on the cemented court after contending a mid-air rebound. To prevent my head from hitting the surface, I used my right arm to soften my fall that eventually resulted to a sprained hand. I was automatically taken out for the rest of the game.

Now, you know how I became a sport’s fan. 🙂

Oops! Wait a minute! “Where’s the muse?” you ask.

She was as energetic as before, cheering our team, who won the game in overtime. Unfortunately, I was nowhere near her.

In the end, she took off with the fumbling star. Being seated next to each other on the bench sealed their long-term relationship.

Funny how life really worked out for some. 😀



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