During my high school days going to school was a fun habit. We seldom skip classes because we value education. The moment we missed a day, we would be worried sick of being left out.

Locally, suspension of classes falls under three categories namely: national and local holidays, fiestas, and natural calamities such as strong typhoons and earthquakes. Special events could also be considered important that schools send their students home.

Nowadays, cutting classes is one of the favorite pastimes of students, especially teenagers, Because of the proliferation of Internet cafes and the youngsters addiction to video games, you have to be some kind of an expert in avoiding getting caught with your pants down, so to speak.

Since I was a regular visitor of these establishments, I’ve collected some of the most popular explanation of students when caught inside internet cafes during school hours.

Here are the top 10:

1. I am an out of school youth. I wear a uniform because all my clothes are in the laundry.

2. My teacher sent us home because she will go shopping.

3, The school guard won’t let me in. He said I don’t look like a student.

4. This is a school paper. The study is about game violence.

5, I forgot my watch at home. Oh, how time flies!

6. I got expelled.

7. I am here to spy on others. (Talking in whispers)

8, I am a teacher. (Favorite of mature-looking students)

9. The teacher is absent. Her underwear is still wet. (This sounds better in the vernacular.)

10. Do I know you? (Don’t talk to strangers.)

There are other variations of the ruse.  It’s how you deliver the explanation that would keep you out of the principal’s office.



2 thoughts on “Ruse

  1. I never skipped school either but my boys were constantly skipping! (not my daughter, though…she may look nothing like me physically, but her attitudes, thinking and personality are sooooo incredibly like mine it’s positively eerie. Everyone says she’s a throwback to a whole different era!
    Frankly, I don’t get skipping school! My boys claimed they were bored and their time was better spent elsewhere. In the case of my oldest he was prob right..he’d skip to write music and make movies and at today at age 30 he does both for a living. My middle son eventually wised up the hard way

    1. Can’t say I approve of skipping classes. Or, perhaps once in a while. 😀
      I am glad to hear your opinion about this. 🙂
      Thank you for sharing thoughts.

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