Ever wonder how fast can you run? I mean, like a hundred meter’s dash?

I bet most of you can do so in less than 20 seconds.  I am not a bragger but once I ran the sprint in less than 15 seconds. Come to think of it, less than that. 🙂

But, I did not do it in an oval track.  Believe it or not, I ran in an unpaved road, barefooted and scared shitless (pardon my french).

Here’s a rundown of what transpired a few years ago.

I was new here. I was a stranger.

One day. about three in the morning, I decided to brisk walk like I used to when I was still a city resident. The roads were empty of vehicles since back then there were not many to speak of.

I was having a wonderful time: cool and clean air, quiet, just me in my solitude. I was reviewing my plans for the future in this place I chose to stay for good.

About three hundred meters from my starting point, I saw them from afar. Some of them sat on the road while others circled around as if looking for something they lost.

I was afraid suddenly. My feet froze and would not move a single more step. My mind kept telling me to turn around and return to where I came from before they saw me.

It was too late. They sensed my presence. Like a gang of maniacs, they began to run toward me.

I turned around, jogging at first while turning my head to see if they stopped following me.

They did not. Running faster and eager to get a piece of me, they seemed to race one another, competing on who would get to me first.

One hundred meters more, I would be safe. But they were gaining on me. Only twenty feet or so, one of them would catch up on me.

I remembered Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, that Johnson guy and all the sprinters I could think of. I prayed hard that they would lend me their spirits and their sprinting prowess so that I could stay safe.

I did not believe it myself then but it seemed the prayers worked. Seconds passed and I did not feel any bite at all. That meant I was running faster than my pursuers.

I entered my house like the wind and closed the door.

However, I could not hear barking or growls. All I heard was my heavy breathing and eerie silence outside.

I slumped on the floor very tired. I didn’t know what to think of my experience.

Later in the day, I related my story to an old-timer. There was seriousness in his face.

“What you saw were shadows of the night,” he revealed.



7 thoughts on “Phantasms

  1. In Sugarland, I used to walk 4 miles every morning. Mostly on unpaved roads too. One morning I ran into a pack of dogs. The alpha was a mangy looking shepherd. They circled me. If the alpha would have come after me I would have been mince meat. Because the rest would surely take his lead. I FINALLY, with the most commanding voice I could muster took charge and I aimed my command at the alpha. He backed off. The others chilled too. And then I scream ( mostly) obscenities toward the property where they lived. The idiot owner finally came out and contained them BUT admonished me about walking alone on a county easement ( a public right-of-way ) like it was his personal driveway I dared to trespass onto. Another time, a litter of rotts, came up out of a ditch at me. AWWWWW, so cute! Pups but these pups weighed every bit of 70 lbs and they were pretty aggressive. I started bringing pepper spray with me after that. That ‘s SCARY! Running IS or NEVER was an option for me! 🙂 Today, I can’t run myself out of a wet paper bag. I was more of the endurance WALKER. Never was a sprinter! 🙂

    1. It’s pretty scary, I know. I think you handled yourself well. 🙂
      My experience was a long time ago, I guess. I believe almost all the dogs in the vicinity know my scent. Also, I always take with me a long cane in case I meet a stranger with bad intentions. 🙂 I like dogs. They like me, too. 🙂

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