When you get bored, especially when you’re offline, you naturally look for alternatives to get entertained. For me, my best option is to watch a movie.

I remember one time when I watched a Keannu Reeves’ film titled Constantine. Most of you might have seen it. For those who didn’t, it’s about a chain smoker guy who styled himself as some sort of an exorcist. He was a former suicide survivor, who needed salvation by saving as many souls as possible from the clutches of evil.

Oh well, this is not a movie review. I was really interested in that segment where Keannu’s character held a cat in his hands while looking directly to its eyes. His bare feet were submerged in a basin filled with water. His real objective was to make the cat’s eyes became his eyes in hell, where he tried to locate the soul of a woman who was said to have committed suicide.

Cool idea! That’s why because of boredom, I tried to copy that same scene with my cat. I suppose I wanted to see Hell myself if it was really Hell and not some burning valley of garbage dump in the city.

Because of my cat’s uncooperative behavior, my experiment was delayed until it was midnight, Swell. The perfect time to try a sinister operation.

I may not look like Keannu Reeves but more like Keannu Ribs. I followed the ritual to the letter.

Concentration was the key, I reminded myself. Even though my cat resisted the role, it seemed satisfied to look me in the eyes and try to please my foolishness with its cooperation.

Then it began. The winds outside howled as if a powerful being exhaled. I felt my hair raised though I resisted stopping the ritual. I was ready for anything that might happen.

I thought I saw my cat’s irises narrowed like in the film. Any minute then and I could see what horrors I did not expect.

While the sound of the wind grew louder, suddenly everything went dark.

I got really nervous because my cat was alarmed. It tried to wriggle out from my firm grips. I could feel its claws scraping my skin.

“Is this Hell?” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Someone passing by outside yelled, “Yes! Damn blackout again!”



4 thoughts on “Failure

  1. If I got bored I’d watch water buffaloes doing their thing. Hope your water buffalo is well. Still no water buffalo picture… This is my new blog by the way… The old one is gone omtatjuan

    1. Yes, that would an alternative during the day. 🙂
      (Went there for a look see earlier. Once my tech problems vanish I will drop by once in a while.)
      Good luck with your new site.

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