We all know our pets are very intelligent creatures. Sometimes, they are more resourceful than us, humans. (laughs)

Yesterday, while I was looking for my cat, who went AWOL for some reason, I considered checking a neighbor to inquire for the feline’s whereabouts. Often, my pet gravitated to the house nearby whenever it felt lonely inside the house. Neighbors were kind enough to feed it once in a while.

One of the weirdest things about my cat was that if strayed somewhere dangerous for its comfort. Having survived death early on, perhaps nothing could harm it except for an instant meeting with an over speeding truck.

The nearest neighbor have four very ferocious dogs. They were very territorial. Strangers learned the hard way whenever they call upon the house: the growls and the harsh barks would send goose bumps down one’s spine.

Imagine my surprise when I saw my cat roaming freely in the neighbor’s yard. Where were the dogs? That question nervously registered on my mind.

Like an animated movie, the dogs came rushing from somewhere and surrounded my hapless cat. I tried to shout at the dogs to shoo them away, leaving my cat more precious time to escape.

The dogs looked intently on their nemesis. I thought I would be a spectator to a murder. I was prepared to jump the fence and tried to save my pet at all costs.

But before I could act, something strange happened.

The four dogs seemed to lose their rabid thoughts. Instead, they ran around in circles. They ran toward the cat and then retreated abruptly.They did that several times.

My cat raised one of its paws, like an animal trainer in a circus. It somewhat orchestrated the dogs’ tricks, feeling unafraid of what might happen to its personal safety.

I was mesmerized by the show that I did not notice my neighbor approached me.

“You have one brave pet,” he quipped. “It’s the first time my dogs befriended a cat.”

“Why?” I asked incredulously, “How?”


“A what?”

“Your cat brought dried fish here. My dogs feasted on them.”

We both laughed at the thought.

Now, I know where the contents of the hanging basket I was looking for went.


16 thoughts on “Coordination

  1. Wow….having seen a cat and unable to stop the carnage of it being killed by some dogs, this is one of my fears. What a smart cat. I hope though, she continues to bribe the dogs!!! I am glad for this happy ending.

    1. I don’t really know why that happened. There must be some strange agreement between them that we humans could not comprehend.
      I am still perplexed to this day. 🙂

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