Small children are good sources of witty remarks. I still remember some of my godchildren’s odd comments when told of something they literally did not understand (or failed to discern the figurative meaning).

When told that we evolved from monkeys, Hans, then aged 5, vehemently argued, “No, not true. I came out from my mother’s _ _ _ _ _!” (womb?)

When told about illegal aliens, Jaypee, then aged 8, said, “Ah, that’s why we hardly see their spaceships.”

When told people go to heaven when they die, Elvis, then aged 7, dissented, “Dead people go to cemeteries.”

When told that God is everywhere, Mel, then aged 6, glanced around and asked, “Where?”

When told about Santa Claus, Vincent, then aged 6, shook his head and said, “He is my father.”

Lately, when I told them there will be no Christmas this year, most of them who are five years older, held their breaths and asked, “What the matter, Ninong (godfather)? Are you broke?”

I rest my case. 😀



4 thoughts on “Quips

  1. love this ^_^ having four kids my life is full of these my oldest when young used to say “re we going in the teesside ostrich?” when shopping what we were really doing was visiting a charity shop called the teesside hospice or my youngest when we were all sat enjoying a xmas event and the narrator said “now children who can tell me where santa lives” he chose my youngest who sat earnestly holding her arm in the air “guisborough ” she said proudly as you can tell he was after something like the north pole not a tiny town down the road from us ^_^ ahh the list is endless ^_^ have a great day be well

    1. Yeah, precious little angels they are. 😀
      Also, I often scratch my head and ask where they get all their weird questions about everything. (laughs)
      Have a wonderful day.

    1. When I was their age, I could not say the same things to elders. A wanking could follow for the disrespectful behavior. Nowadays, we are not that strict. 🙂

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