(Not) Always

I can’t remember which New Year’s eve was it but I feel I have to tell this story today. Please note that some of the descriptions I relate in this post came from my kumpare‘s recollection of the event.

My kumpare (father of one of my godsons) invited me to their family gathering. I had no real plans of attending because I seldom go to parties, let alone what he promised a karaoke sing-along celebration. He rented one of those made-to-order sound system used in fiestas and benefit dance occasions. It was really LOUD!!!

Occasionally, I drink but not ever a heavy drinker so I had a hard time keeping myself sane if I I drink more than I can handle. But then, I relented to my kumpare‘s egging. Anyway, it’s New Year’s eve and I thought I deserved even a day of unhampered merry-making.

When the microphone was passed to me, I was already smiling like a fool, intoxicated but not abusive. They loved me. 🙂

Well, I kind of admire Bon Jovi’s style so I chose the song “Always.” I saw a concert footage of the band in front of thousands of shrieking fans that I imagined myself facing the same crowd.

I stood in front of the video karaoke, the song’s lyrics were still readable although the letters were somewhat dancing. Anyway, I have memorized the lyrics by heart so I did not need the prompt.

My kumpare‘s house is located in a valley, surrounded by rice fields. There are a few neighbors, which are mostly relatives. So our noise is somewhat bearable.

What better way to give justice to the song than emulate Bon Jovi’s rendition. I definitely slurred because of the drink but I guess that helped to make my accent more American. 😀

And I…… will love you, ba…by. Al…….way….s.

I closed my eyes, savoring the moment when love enveloped my whole being. (I imagined those around were my adoring fans, watching me performing live.)

What I did not know, somebody turned off the safety box. Local electricity was cut. Deliberately.

I still continued singing, with body language and all, even mimicking the lead guitarist’s action with my right hand while holding the microphone tightly on my left.

When I opened my eyes after belting the last strains of the song, I became confused. It was total darkness. I heard a couple of dogs from a distance howling as if provoked by the unusual noise that sounded like a crazed animal.

Suddenly, sounds of wild applause erupted, the jesting and the jeering included. Then, the lights were turned on. Everyone were all smiles, totally impressed of my a cappella rock.

I was not. That was and will be my last performance under the influence of …

Intoxicated Love. 😀



4 thoughts on “(Not) Always

    1. Hahaha! That was a fluke! I am not sure if I really did a near impersonation like they said. I am a shy guy, you know. 🙂
      (I will have to summon all my courage before thinking of a similar stunt.)

    1. I am glad you liked it. 🙂
      Singing is one of the many activities in the rural areas. The invention of the karaoke encouraged even the meekest of the meek. 😀

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