Egg Hunt

One of my neighbor’s hen had been missing for more than week. The disappearance could have been undetected were it not for a discarded broken shell near their fence.

When this occurrence happens, speculations run wild. The first and foremost notion was the presence of a thief.

In the province, a thief does not necessarily personifies a human. As to be expected, other animals could be the culprit. Based on experience, the short list of probable suspects include stray dogs, wild cats, large lizards and snakes.

Hunting for predators is not only difficult but dangerous. So, the best way to veer away from such option is to find the hen, or what’s left of it and let the sad event be charged to experience.

Fortunately, we have a slim chance in our hands. The broken shell could be an indication that the hen has nested somewhere hidden from view. If we find the nest, we automatically find the hen.

We scoured the surroundings, checking untouched bushes, discarded boxes, piles of cut grasses and even small holes on the earth.


When evening came, we lost all our hopes. A whole day was wasted trying to find what could have been dead all along.

Before I left their house, one of my godchildren came with a basket. We all thought he was delivering vegetables and fruits.

“What do you have there, Hans?” I curiously asked.

The unmistakable sound of chicks inside betrayed the surprise.

When he opened the basket’s lid, the missing hen was squirming busily to keep her chicks warm.

“Where did you find it?” All of us were overjoyed with the discovery.

“Yesterday, it was wandering near the road so I fetched a basket and let it in.”

“Why did you not inform us earlier?”

“I did not know you were looking for a hen. I thought you trying to find eggs.”

Everyone broke into laughter.

Trust a ten-year old kid to lead a group of adults into a wild hen chase. 🙂



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