Of a disillusioned madman,

on the precipice of hopelessness,

before the end denies him of breath.

“Thoughts circled inside my head,

reliving the past, days of follies,

years of abuse, decades of sins.

Is there good inside this body,

where the only resident is evil,

living dangerously toward hell?

Will change be enough to seek,

repentance and forgiveness,

redemption and renewed life?

Will the promise of salvation,

Irregardless of transgressions,

Offered to all, will cleanse me?

.Could I be purified readily,

by admitting my wrongdoings,

expressing my deep regrets?

Whatever I receive as penalty,

I will accept wholeheartedly,

I deserve all punishments.

But, if His mercy absolves me,

Healing my soul, making me pure,

Dying will be the best gift for me.”



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