We live in pain. Everyday.

It’s confusing, I know. Sometimes, I wonder how we find it hard to understand this.

Even if we laugh, especially too hard, we often say my mouth hurts and my sides ache. Difficulty in breathing is also a byproduct.

So, even in our happy moments, there is also pain. 🙂

A Whisper says:

Keep your pain close to you,

Help others accept theirs.

During this holy week, I have much to reflect about life. There are times I feel I am contented in what I do and there are also moments I feel I need something more.

Craving is also some sort of pain. The need to acquire something one is unable to secure could be frustratingly depressing that the emotional distress results to mental hardships. Again, pain.

For others, this pales in comparison to what they live through.

I know that some of you have more physical pain to endure than others like me.The unbearable suffering you have to endure is unimaginable for me. All I could do now is understand what you have sacrificed, how you fight hard to live on, and how your families and loved ones share in your ordeals.

Let us be more charitable in words and in our actions. This is one way to help ourselves make daily living more worthwhile.



4 thoughts on “Lighter

  1. This is so times I often wonder the same; yes pain is always present yet there is also sweetness in pain for it showers us with blessings, cleanses the soul and humbles us with our state. Keep writing..seriously..this is wonderful.
    Love Zara

    1. I am glad you approved. 🙂
      You are quite right. We receive graces through our acceptance of pain,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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