“Is there someone out there?”

That was what bothered me this past few days. I was having trouble signing on because there was no signal where I live. Maybe because of the unusual weather we are having. (Rains in April can be compared to desert rain, very unusual during this time of the year.)

I will try to reply to your comments if the connection problems do not persist. The scheduled posts I prepared would last till Monday. I hope by then power outages and atmospheric interference do not sour my normal blogging activities.

Like I reported before, when the Reader does not load, I have difficulties loading other sites. This minute, it’s happening. 😦

I cannot control the situation so I try to adapt.

I hope this post squeezed through. (crossed fingers).

Signing off.



17 thoughts on “Brief

    1. We have a double whammy! Power outages and slow or no service connections. You may add bad weather to complete the trio. πŸ˜€
      I agree. I also use a netbook so battery is also a concern of mine.

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