Some Space

A Whisper says:

Love teaches us about sharing.

Yet, love can be selfish, too.

The meaning of more freedom crosses our minds whenever we hear our partner asking for some space. The hidden meaning is beyond interpretation if you think you do not shackle one another into a small enclosure you call home.

You can hear husbands say that their home-to-work-and-vice-versa routine makes them unhappy that some of them begins to divert their attention into something or someone else.

The wives, too, have their gripes of being tied to household chores and the kids that some of them starts to wonder if they can get a different experience elsewhere.

When these thoughts push you further away from home, selfishness enters the relationship. The ‘us’ becomes the ‘me’ that you love yourself more than your love for each other. The space that you want widens and tears your relationship apart.

So how can you thwart this from happening?

Partners should talk clearly on where the limitations of more freedom starts and ends. Once you accept the boundaries, you can feel assured of support and understanding from one another.



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