In Transit

A Whisper says:

Life’s journey is long and arduous.

Being in love will make the trip worthwhile.

Aah, Love! What can I add more to all the adulation you get! Or, regrets you’ve caused!

Not all about love is romantic although most of the time happy love is on top of everyone’s list. Who does not wish for it?


Love can be one sided. That hurts.

Love can fool you. That hurts more.

Love can bankrupt you. That hurts even more.

Love can kill you. Now, that’s worse than just getting hurt even more.

The worst is not even loving at all, if that can ever be realistic.

But even though you get hurt in the process, loving means your heart lives and you can feel. Life will not be complete without feelings.

So, go on. Love somebody. Your life will be more colorful. 🙂



2 thoughts on “In Transit

  1. Loving others – truly – by giving only love is by being there in an unattached manner – its difficult when there are problems that the other person won’t face, can’t cope with, is making for themselves… etc.

    Still, getting negative isn’t the way… it only makes thigs worse before it helps (if ever it helps).

    Good post. Thanks.
    ~ Eric

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