Under Cover

After a controlled shout for a few seconds, the sound muffled by the grating noise of loosened tin roofs, I went to the manual water pump to clean my feet. Of course, I wore my slippers back to the house in case there were other unseen ‘land mines’ on the grass.

Power had not been restored so the flickering illumination of the flashlight, which I forgot to recharge, helped me navigated my way to the bedroom. I wanted to put the ‘unfortunate’ episode to rest.

I went inside the mosquito net, securing the hems under the mattress. Mosquitoes possess a tricky but effective way to get inside the fine-meshed cotton enclosure.

I stretched my body and prepared to doze off. The lack of power and the absence of anything worthwhile to do made sleep easier to accomplish.

The mattress was pressed under my weight while the wooden bed made of bamboo slats creaked. The pillows and the blanket were on the side waiting to be picked.

“Did he gain weight?” the bed asked the mattress over him. “I believe he did.”

“I think not,” contradicted the mattress, distributing its softness around the body resting on it. “I get the same feeling. Perhaps, your legs are getting weak.”

“My legs will never waver,” the bed averred rather pompously.

“Shhhh!” the head pillow hissed. “Quiet, you two. He might wake up.”

“Don’t shhh me,” the bed snarled. “Don’t forget I carry all of you. You need me.”

“He needs all of us,” the head pillow said. The other pillows concurred.

“Not me,” the blanket said ruefully. “He has not permitted me to cover him up.”

“Because it’s too warm,” the head pillow defended. “If he perspires, I’ll be soaking wet.”

“Me, too.” The mat over the mattress decided to join the discussion.

“And also me,” added the mattress.

“Can you all stop this silly argument?” boomed the mosquito net, busy warding off the attacks of legions of mosquitoes. “It is I who should be complaining.”

“And why is that?” chorused everyone.

“I always get hung.”

When I woke up this morning, remnants of hushed voices rang in my head. I glanced on the bed and everything on it.

It is really time for a general cleaning, laundry and sun drying. I have to do it because I was beginning to hear complaints even in my sleep. ๐Ÿ˜€



6 thoughts on “Under Cover

  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ I understand totally. Before I was married, one night I was having a horrible time sleeping, couldn’t get comfy. I finally got out of bed and snapped on the light. it hit me why I couldn’t sleep: 4 cats, 28 books scattered about, a couple of pair of summer shorts, several tops, and a pair of sandals. I began clearing off things (knowing the cats would return which was fine), changed the sheets….turned on the ceiling fan…my, that was a good sleep!!! Of course, the next day I had to clear stuff off the floor and sweep and dust and….

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