Pauper’s Dish

I had another surfing activity cut short by, you guessed right, another power outage.

Another chance of photographing clouds was more successful. However, sunset arrived.

Also, the camera’s battery indicator blinked red. No more photo taking afterwards.

I went to the corner part of the yard where I picked young sweet potato leaves, we call camote tops, to be dipped in boiling water for a few minutes. This would be the simple salad for supper.

After cooking rice, I chose two pieces of dried fish from the wicker basket and fried it slowly. The main course would be ready after the sauce, consisting of vinegar, slices of tomatoes, a pinch of salt and two pieces of crushed native chili, was in a flat saucer.

A pitcher of cold water was on the side, ready to save my tongue from any burning sensation. (The effect of chili is believed to stimulate the tongue’s various taste buds.)

Since there was no power yet, a kerosene-fed lamp stood on the table. It was made from a used mayonnaise jar; the metal cover was punched with a hole to accommodate a metal tube where a short cloth acted as wick with one end dipped in kerosene while the other lighted.

I set the table, artistically placed the food  and pretended I was in a fancy restaurant. I imagined myself having a candlelight dinner. (Naturally, I included the imaginary violinist in the pretense.)

I thanked God for the ‘sumptuous’ meal and ate with genuine gusto.

While eating, I reminded myself that I was luckier than many people in the world, who at the same moment, were starving. I should be grateful that my stomach was full, safe and sound.

After washing the dishes, I usually watch the evening news. That I could no do so I did the next best thing: star gazing.



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