What do you consider your life is like? Quite a simple question, huh?

My life is like a library. Every book on the shelf has its story to tell. Some are serious while others are humorous. Some are exciting while others are boring. However, not one is a bestseller.

Perhaps, I have to open it to the public.

Tonight, I muse about a lot of things, mostly about the future.

There’s always a hint of sadness when today crosses to yesterday. I can see the seconds elapse till that chime signals another day has come.

I will be a day older.


I am.



9 thoughts on “Midnight

  1. I think my life is a “mixed bag of tricks!” I guess it comes with being a Nana and having a bunch of grandkids, my purse is full and so is my heart! I still look for a partner to share my life, but I am complete either way!

    1. This is a re-post. I have been asking the same question: where is Cubby? Like you, I pray often that she is all right. Perhaps taking a very long vacation somewhere great.

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