After posting “Midnight” we had a power outage (yes, this phenomenon happens all the time here). At first, I was pissed. Then, I told myself what’s the use of getting angry if I could no anything about it.

I went outside and savored the gusty southwesterly winds, somewhat refreshing on a lukewarm early morning.

Closing my eyes, I felt the silence of Nature was invigorating. I took of my slippers and started walking barefoot on the damp grass, eyes still closed.

I felt light as if I was slowly rising up, lifted in a trance, consumed by powers of the unknown.

I was not afraid because I could sense the positive energy flowing through me.

I went on until I stepped on something soft. Was I on a cloud, up in the heavens?

I opened my eyes momentarily to check if I was dreaming.

I was not. I was perfectly awake.

Alas! Everything was real.

At that instant, I was on the verge of cursing the owner of the dog who pooed on my yard.

Then again, it was really my fault. šŸ˜€



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