Power was restored. Again. (crossed fingers)

I could hear people screaming with joy. Some probably was not. They wished to be in darkness and loving it.

Come to think of it, there is a reason for ordinary folks  insinuating that some people in the power industry could be in cahoots with their counterparts in the home appliance sector. Unscheduled power outages and power on are notoriously suspects for damaging electrical appliances and power-spikes- sensitive electronic gadgets. How true is this theory?

I remembered one time a neighbor was watching a championship basketball game. It was the Finals so he, along with friends, had drinks while jubilantly cheering their favorite team.

Then, blip! Everything went dark. Everyone went quiet. No one wished to initiate an explosive moment.Tempers would be rising and all the empty bottles were still on the table.

A lighter was snapped. The small fire brightened somewhat a small part of the table. Everyone could see the owner’s face was bright red, due to the alcohol and the abrupt halt to his happiness.

All of a sudden, he hurled the remote control forward with all his might, narrowly missing the silent TV screen. The cheap device shattered into pieces, the batteries and the circuit board separated; any possibilities of repair was unthinkable.

Luckily, power was restored before the game ended. And their team won. 🙂

Unluckily for the guy, he had to purchase a new remote control because he did not want to practice the old routine of manually changing channels: a tiring prospect for a couch potato. 🙂

As an added note, I am currently ready for another power outage. If you do not hear from me, that may mean two things: power out or I am already asleep. 😀



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