There was a time when it was bandied around that bald is beautiful and sexy. As a result, men shed their hair accordingly. Good thing for those with hair loss, their malady was once a liability that had became a valuable asset.

Men who are not hat or cap wearers need to protect their head from direct sunlight. Because of that, some men prefer a longer hairstyle. Needless to say, those long-haired males see themselves like rebels against society’s dictation of how men should look like. And some deftly used the ploy to look like rock and rollers, a type usually appealing to the opposite sex.

Then, there’s the new wave style. One can see the different variations that often outrageously weird to look at. But the heads who wear the grotesque hairy crowns do not give a s–t of what others might say. That’s independence in every sense of the word. 🙂

Long ago, I had long hair when I was in Scandinavia. It was my protection for the cold weather. Today, I like a short and cropped hairstyle. It is very convenient in a country where summer connotes sweltering heat.

In the future, though, like all men reaching the sunset of their lives, I expect to join the bandwagon of those forced by natural evolution: the Greys.  🙂



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