Earlier I discussed briefly men’s hairstyle. Now. I want to take a shot at the females’ simply because I consider myself part of group called “eyes of the beholder”.

Most women I see choose either of two styles, long and short (a bit over the shoulders). Those with long hair wear them curled, straight or just natural. On certain ocassions, the hair can be arranged differently.

Females, who adopt the shorter version, have different cuts and highlights to choose from. If ever a longer hair is needed, there’s always a wig at arm’s reach. 🙂

Coloring hair is a fad and it fits both long and short styles. Using unusual colors though should blend well with the face in my opinion.

By the way, the real issue I want to point out here is the wrong notion that women will lose their beauty if they choose the shortest hair possible.

On the contrary, in my opinion, they would stand out. Many artists including models showed that beauty is beauty. Removed most of their crowning glory, they did not lose their femininity.

But if businesses of hair products are to be asked about beauty, they will naturally contradict the less-hair-is-beautiful theory.Their global sales will plummet. Not very good for business.

Women are beautiful. That’s the simplest and most important fact. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Adored

  1. This is an interesting and well written piece. Last weekend I posted a piece inspired by a Daily Post – self expression. I discussed my hair. I shave my hair – which means a #3 or #4 blade. Not quite a military cut but close enough. I love my hair and I love wearing it this way – though I have been criticized. The last person liked it then said let it grow out when I made mention it was time for a trim.

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