Talking Head

I really like to have a loyal companion. Besides my pet, I wish to listen to someone talking this time.

Months ago, a genuine native approached me with a proposition I thought then could solve my problem. He was very informative of the ways of their tribe.  At one time in the conversation he mentioned something about dowries. Naturally, I deduced he was offering a maiden for her hand in marriage.

Wooo! I backtracked a bit. Well, much further. I guess. I was not paying for someone just to marry me, not even if it was legal in their tribal traditions.

Good thing, though, I was mistaken (as usual). The man just mentioned it for the sake of history. You see some of the natives were blessed with fair skin, tall stature and some even have blue eyes. Thanks to foreign missionaries, their genes were rearranged to bear western features.

On second thought, I mulled the idea of the dowry system. He explained it was a gift to the family, some kind of offering, thanking them for giving their blessing to the marriage.

Well. I weighed my options. On one hand, I could shell out the money and get myself a native foreign-looking bride. On the other hand, my principles were against the whole thing.

In the end. I decided to damn my principles. I would get myself my talking head.

When I was about to share my plan to the man, he showed me a small package. Inside was a small bird, about two months old. Its feathers started to grow.

“What is that?” I asked.

“It’s a bird,” he said.

For God’s sake, I know a bird when I see one. I was hoping he would tell me what kind it was.

“Yes, I can see that,” I quipped, almost sarcastically. I wanted to segue to my marriage plan but the man seemed more interested about the bird.

“This bird will talk later.”

Wow! I like to hear that, too. Not to sound a pessimist, I doubted his claim.

What I failed to realize was that he referred to the near future, say in six more months of delicate rearing.

“Are you sure?” I asked, very interested. I totally discarded my matrimonial whim in a flash.

“Pay me and you’ll have it,” he suggested, acting the part of a shrewd businessman.

I balked. I wanted to ask around first. “Later, perhaps.”

“Your choice,” he sounded dismayed.

I wanted my options open. I needed to ask the question.

“How much does the bird costs? How much is the dowry?”

Ooops! I slipped. The second was uncalled for.

The man turned back. “Four hundred pesos. One hundred thousand pesos.”

What a letdown!

“Thanks! I’ll buy the bird later.”



4 thoughts on “Talking Head

    1. We have a mythical bird in local folk tales, with same powers you mentioned. 🙂
      How I wish I could fly? Imagine, no passport or visa to be concerned about. (laughs)

      1. haha, that´s true. Didn´t think about that one. I could go back to the U.S much more easier,don´t have to jump the fence into Texas so some cowboy can shoot me.

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