“Shoot me!”

My friend was taken aback when he heard what I said. He was immobile for a minute.

I was sprawled on the ground, helpless.

“Now!” I shouted, challenging him to take action.

“No, I won’t do it.”

“Quick!” I yelled. “Get it over with before someone comes around.”

Reluctant but forced, he approached me at close range and aimed.


I saw a flash of light, the same flash you would probably see before you leave this earth.

My friend used his foot to nudge my legs..

“Don’t be too melodramatic,” he said. “Get up.”

I slowly got on my feet, careful not to soak the rest of my clothes with mud.

“Did you get it?” I asked curiously, looking at my friend reviewing the shot on his digital camera.

He laughed uncontrollably. “This will be great in your Facebook page.”

“Let me see,” I tried to snatch the gadget. I was more curious after the revelation.

“On second thought, I could share this on my You Tube account. This could go viral! I am sure!”

“What?” I shouted angrily. It was my idea in the first place and now I would not benefit from it. “Let me see.”

“No, you can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Wipe that mud off your hands.”

I was very anxious to see the photo that I tried to grab the camera. Mud or no mud, I wished to see my friend’s wonderment.

Because of my sudden move, my friend nearly dropped it. Unfortunately, he accidentally pressed the erase button as he tried to save it from destruction once it hit the ground.

“You ruined everything,” he blamed me. “Why not just wait?”

“You should have shown me the photo instead of getting fresh with me,” I disagreed without any apology.

My friend shook his head for the lost opportunity. In an instant though he had an idea to salvage the situation.

“You could pose again,” he supposed. “I can get the identical shot.”

“Are you crazy?” I vehemently protested.

“Come on, maybe we can get the same candid effect all over again.”

“I slipped. I did not plan that.”

“It’s worth a try,” he proposed, snickering at the suggestion. “Just dive.”

Without a word, I walked forward briskly and left my friend still shaking his head. I wanted to go home quickly and take a long bath. My clothes were muddied. The worst of it, the smell of the cow shit on my cheeks had to be rinsed off immediately.



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