I always like the season of mangoes especially when it falls before the arrival of the rains. Summer will not be complete without the succulent fruit served in every meal of the day.

But other creatures eagerly await the ripening of the fruits. Different types of birds eat while they rest on trees. The most notorious of all are the crows. These black birds will eat any fruit in the vicinity if they so wish.

With the abundance of fruits, perhaps anyone has its own share of Nature’s bounty. For me, this is acceptable if only one eats and gets it over with in peace. This is not the case with bats.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate them because of what they are.  I totally dislike their clumsy behavior at night.

You see, my neighbor has this big mango tree beside my house. (Mine are planted further away.) At night, when the bats come to feed, they are not a problem. However, when they do decide to fly out from the tree with a fruit clutched with their claws, often they release the fruit without abandon, especially when they are disturbed by external noises.

There was one time I was watching a movie titled The Grudge, a suspense horror flick. (As usual I wanted it dark when I watch horror movies because it added more elements of excitement through the viewing.) During that segment when the caregiver was about to discover what was up in the attic, I was riveted on my seat, waiting for what was about to happen.

Then, kabog! kabog! The succeeding sounds of mangoes falling on the tin roof diverted my concentration away from the movie. The nuisances spoiled the fluidity of my viewing pleasure.

I went outside with a slingshot knowing it was a long shot to target the two-foot-span winged creatures. I felt the thought of revenge was futile anyway.

Oh, by the way, the bats are called kabog in the Ilonggo dialect.  It is no coincidence that the landing sound of their bombs spells the same.  They leave their signature behind.  😀



10 thoughts on “Bombed

  1. Love this informative post. We have mango and avocado trees and I love them both, our avocado’s are different from the California avocado, they are huge and bright green. So far no bats, is it true that if they fly into your hair you will go crazy? 😉

    1. We have the native varieties, the avocados too. Smaller.
      Bats are night creatures. Unless you go out at night and for some reason or another one fell on you, I don’t think you will get crazy. If it bit you, just like dogs and cats, a bat has also rabies.I think you know the rest.

  2. A crow can pick up a mango? Those must be strong birds. Mangos cost a fortune here. Lucky you! Haven’t a clue what a mango tree looks like… How are the water buffaloes doing?

    1. Crows eat mangoes and other fruits on trees. The bats do the bombing sometimes. 🙂
      I’ll post photos later. (The Zone page is the last in the overhaul.)
      It’s summer so the water buffaloes are often under the shade. We give them baths. (laughs)

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