Time Travel

Nature has a way of providing us with all the resources needed for a comfortable existence. It is widely accepted that Earth is one of a kind in this billions-of-stars universe. Or is it?

I watched a very interesting episode of Ancient Aliens a few months back. Some experts agreed that we have been a hospitable place for visitors from outer space. From the assorted marks they erected such as huge boulders like the Stonehenge, to the gigantic stone statues, to the unusually big spherical stones scattered in selected countries, to strange skeletal remains of so-called aliens and to the different legends of early civilizations, there are more than enough reason to believe the existence of other intelligence other than our own.

If we want to go back in time to search for our outer space forebears, I think we need a more different approach than what has been done in the past or what is in the works today. The engineering miracle we need is far from being reached. Billions of dollars more will be spent to realize such dream.

I think the best way to shortcut that space travel difficulty is to research more on time travel. If we can only succeed in going forward in time, we can access our own higher technology. The Star Trek stuff of warp speed will surely come in handy.

But then, if you’re already in the future and you like what you experience, will you go back to the present?

I’ll probably not.



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