This is still about the alien question, which I began earlier. It seems to me that with all the new films coming out in the theaters, there is a wide audience who is interested in life in another world or their obsession at destroying our civilization. Which is what we’ll believe is a matter for any individual to decide.

Another theory of mine that I’ll put on the table is the thought that the aliens that have been visiting us is not from another planet but actually our great great grandchildren from the future.Sounds fantastic, isn’t it?

Our most common depiction of an alien is a misshaped head, large eyes, next to non-existent nose and small mouth with very thin lips. Long and thin extremities are connected to a thin and somewhat emaciated body. It does not talk and can communicate by telepathy.

Well, here’s what I deduced so far. Please bear with me with the outlandish reasoning. 🙂

As the weather changes in the near future, the technology leaf frogs and our lifestyles changes from active to passive, there is a big chance that the human body will begin its gradual evolution and transformation.

Because of world hunger. we will eat less and drink more. Some of the energy drinks we will consume are non-alcoholic, non fat, no sugar, no additives and almost herbal in nature. This will ensure that even though we have a slim body, we will be a lot stronger and healthier.

Since the age of telecommuting will rule, personal interactions will be at a minimum. We will travel less physically and we’ll use programs to travel visually. Transportation will be a privilege to those who can afford the real thing.

The information overload plus continuous staring at a computer screen, our brains will grow bigger and our eyes will get wider to capture visually all information in and out of the Web or any type of device that will be omnipresent inside our cells (houses will be a thing of the past) We’ll be a sitting inhabitant inside our shielded environment where an enormous glass-domed structure protect us from too much ultraviolet rays from our own sun.

Those privileged few who can travel will go back in time to learn from the past, just as we today, who research and discover our heritage in most archaeological sites of buried cities.

In various ways, we envy our forebears during their greater moments. Perhaps, those ‘green‘ little men we call aliens come back from the future because they ‘envy‘ us today.

Something to think about, eh? 😀



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